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Amazing colloidal cleaning products are…

  • Bio-safe and biodegradable
  • Outperforms other cleaners
  • Non-fuming, non-corrosive and non-combustible
  • People and Environmentally Safe
  • Field testing by tile and stone restoration experts prove incredible results with no harm to stone, tile, and grout

“You will love

how these products rejuvenate your

natural stone

and restore the beauty of your tile and


The only product ever to be endorsed

by the Ceramic Tile Institute of America

Dave The Marble Guy

Bonasera, better known as Dave the marble guy has been working with Natural stone including Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx, Granite and all types of grouts and masonry surfaces.

Dave The Tile Guy

David’s experience and passion for stone has brought him to not only to be a national speaker as a tile and stone consultant, he is also an investigator and volunteer at the Cal State board of contractors with others writing the test for the C-54 test (Tile, stone and fabrication areas).

Dave The Grout Guy

Cleaning and sealing tile and  stone is easy to do, though not so easy to do correctly? Using the  right products and techniques is what we at ESP are known for. The hard thing is getting the right information to the customer on how to  maintain it.