Magic Al – Products

Magic Al offers a  variety of cleaning products (ALL of which are environmentally  friendly) specifically designed to protect and restore your  expensive marble and stone. All products are safe to use on any  polished or unpolished natural stone, marble or  concrete.

Gallon $ 22.00

Quarts $ 7.00

SKU: MA002

Floor  Magic

The customer favorite for over 20 years,  and one of the original products of The Ground Floor©, this  economical floor cleaner makes up to 128 gallons of neutral cleaner per gallon, although just a couple of capfuls are necessary per application. Floor Magic invigorates your senses with a crisp  lemon scent as optical brighteners provide a brilliant shine to any  natural stone floor. No other product in the industry can produce  such a smooth and sleek surface.

(Available in quarts or  gallons)

For more information: Floor Magic MSDS

Price; $22.00

SKU: MA003

Counter Top  Magic

My aerosol polish and cleaner is the  most desired MagicAl product for its convenience and performance. Counter Top Magic goes beyond merely providing your marble  and stone counter tops and tables with a clean shine, it also  protects against harmful chemicals that are prone to spilling and  damaging these areas, and leaves your countertop with an easy  surface to clean. It is non-greasy and leaves a beautiful  shine.

(Available in 15-ounce  aerosols)

For more information: Counter Top Magic MSDS

Price: $8.50

SKU: MA004

Bowl  Magic

This unique NON-ACID bowl cleaner is  just as valuable and important to your stone tile floor as it is for  your toilet. Bowl Magic vehemently protects your polished  travertine/marble/limestone floor and everything surrounding it from  uncontrollable splashing. Dirty drips and leaks will never touch the  floor again.

(Available in quarts)

For more information: Bowl Magic MSDS

Price: $16.00

SKU: MA005

Glass &  Metal Magic

Rejuvenates your shower glass to a  transparent window (just like when you first moved in) by removing  frustrating mold and tarnishing minerals. Glass & Metal  Magic polishes the fixtures to an illuminating mirror affect  without harming any surrounding polished travertine/marble/limestone  in the shower, on the floor or the counter top. Without the use of  Glass & Metal Magic, only a professional restoration company  would be able to revamp your old shower door and fixtures to look  brand new again.

(Available in pints)

For more information: Glass & Metal Magic MSDS

Price: $7.00

SKU: MA006

Soap Scum  Magic

The vanishing power of Soap Scum  Magic annihilates bacteria-infested residue. The wonder of this  product is that it strips away all harmful microorganisms and  chemicals but protects your travertine/marble/limestone floor and  countertops from other hazardous cleaning supplies. Soap Scum Magic  will wipe away your excess lime deposits and rust, while the  commonly known product, Lime Away, will permanently damage natural  stone, thus requiring the service of a professional restoration  company.

(Available in quarts)

For more information: Soap Scum Magic MSDS