Dr FredsInnovative Solutions


The man behind the solutions

Fred Hueston, aka Dr. Fred, is the creator of the Dr. Fred’s Innovative Solutions specialty products. He is a respected authority known for being, among other things as a…

Stone forensic consultant
Sought after instructor
Expert witness
Prolific author
Historic property preservationist

Dr. Fred’s Innovative Solutions Products

The products created by Fred Hueston were created out of necessity. They were initially developed for Fred himself to work smarter, to be more efficient, save time, and costs. Over the years, more and more needs emerged that Fred found and perfected solutions for. Ultimately these problem solvers became the Dr. Fred’s Innovative Solutions line of specialty products.


Stain Care PRO

Dr. Fred offers an eLearning course in professional Stain Management that comes along with an APP that arms the pro with everything you need at your fingertips to offer professional stain management for clients.

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