MB Stone Care

 Never before has it been easier or faster to repair scratches, level out seams, or totally restore a stone surface than it is now thanks to ESPS/Engineered Stone Polishing Systems this is a newer updated system.

Steve’s polishing Products

10 years ago our company was founded as a result of the development of a patented system designed to make the difficult job of surface like polishing Engineered stone surfaces and granite much easier, faster, and less expensive than any other system on the market today. The inventor of our product, Steven Anneker, set out to find an answer to the problem and difficulty of surface polishing after one of his employees left a grinder with a diamond blade on an expensive granite countertop that he was installing. And yes, the grinder was knocked off the counter leaving an irreparable scratch. This incident was very expensive, but led Steve to spend 10 years of trial and error to develop what has been called “revolutionary” to the stone industry. This system allows anyone to polish engineered stone surfaces and granite countertops with readily available tools. This system was made by Steven Anneker from the ground up, not like other systems that were copied and still to this day are hit and miss.

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