MB Stone Care

Faber Professional is a range of products to treat natural stone surfacesceramic materials and masonry in general developed by Faber Chimica from the very beginning of its business activities, and includes all of the know-how the company has built up in over 30 years of experience in the field of chemical treatments for surface care. A range of high-performanceprofessional products, devised and formulated starting from the characteristics and nature of the single materials used to cover walls and floors, but also in the case of bathroom and kitchen topsstairwaysdecorations, and all other types of decorative feature.

faber Products

The products in the Faber Professional line are constantly being developed in line with the latest collections and new materials proposed by manufacturers and installers, and they are able to provide an efficient, high-performance solution to the different demands from the world of architecture and design as well as specific problems linked to the stages of installation, maintenance, cleaning and the restoration of existing surfaces.

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