We asked our team of brilliant scientists to create a better line of stone and tile care products. Products that provide better stain, protection, deeper enhancement, and more effective cleaning power, all while respecting the well being of you, those around you and the planet.

Simple is Good! No confusing names or complicated application instructions. Our product names say what the product is or does. Decide what you want the surface to look like, grab the right MORE™ Surface Care product, and get the job done.

You’ve put a lot of thought, time, and money into the design of your home. MORE Surface Care helps you protect that investment by enhancing your natural stone. It may look as hard as rock, but it is still porous enough that any minor spill will stain your stone for years to come.

MORE Surface Care Products
Protecting, cleaning and beautifying your surfaces has never been easier. Every product in the MORE™ line is formulated specifically for natural stone, ceramic & porcelain, grout, and concrete surfaces. Our products deliver great performance and are water-based. Safer for you. Safer for the environment.

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