Bonstone Crack Repair 28


(450ml) Stone bonding, Vertical Crack Repair Patching

Crack Repair 28 is a medium viscosity epoxy cartridge system, which is generally used for injecting into horizontal wide cracks in stone. On vertical applications a capping compound should be used to seal the crack.

      • Structural grade epoxy for injection
      • Injection for wider cracks
      • Stone or concrete vertical crack injection, patching and mending
      • Bonding stone or hardened concrete to hardened concrete
      • Bonding new concrete to existing concrete
      • Anchor bolt adhesive
      • Bonding stone and concrete to other construction materials
      • Bonding stone to stone
      • General purpose adhesive for wood, concrete, metal
      • Meets ASTM C-881, Types I, II, IV, V; Class C, Grade 2
      • Can be tinted with Bonstone Liquid Tints Touchstone Stone Epoxy Liquid Tints 10- 2oz bottles

Mix Ratio = 2:1 by volume

Set Time = 3 hrs @ 75°F

Recommended Dual Cartridge Gun to be used with ALL 450ml & 600ml tubes: Dual Cartridge Epoxys 450ml-600ml

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