Bonstone Last Patch Dymond Repair Compound


For Granite Marble Travertine

  • Will Not Stain White Or Light Color Stones
  • Very Fast Setting – Quick Traffic And Scaffold Time
  • UV Stable – Withstands Sun Exposure Without Discoloring
  • Will Cure At Below-Freezing Temperatures With Our Accelerator
  • For Even Faster Set Time, Use Accelerator. Accelerator Is Not Recommended For Work Over 85°F

Last Patch Dymond is an exterior grade, UV stable stone repair compound for granite, marble, travertine and any other highly polished natural stone surface. Very fast (and adjustable) cure speed, excellent clarity, non-shrinkage, and extremely rapid hardness development make this product ideal for harder, glossier stones such as granite. And the resistance to sunlight sets Last Patch Dymond apart from all other products on the market.

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