Diamond Lubricant


Extends the life of diamond pads. Cools diamonds and provides a less sticky surface so slurry doesn’t clog the diamonds.

Product Description 

Dr. Fred’s Innovative Solutions Diamond Lubricant is a special blend of surfactants that are designed to make your diamond abrasives lasts longer. The lubricant provides cooling and anti-stick properties, so slurry does not cake as easily. According to Dr. Fred “I worked on this product for nearly 25 years. I remember getting frustrated after spending thousands of dollars on diamond abrasives only to have them wear out in a matter of minutes. I developed this lubricant to help cool the diamonds and to provide a less sticky surface, so slurry doesn’t clog the diamonds, resulting in premature wear.”

How to use: Just add a few drops in your slurry tank or directly to the surface you are grinding and honing.

  • Installers: add to your wet saw to extend blade life
  • Restoration: add to your solution tank
  • Fabricators: add when surface polishing

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