Faber Hidro Protector MM (5 liter)


High-performance, eco-friendly, water-based, impregnating sealer to protect natural stone against rising damp and stains.

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HIDRO PROTECTOR MM is a high-performance impregnating treatment to protect natural stone against staining and the harmful effects of water and rising damp. It is characterised by a 100% water-based, eco-friendly formula and for its lack of volatile organic compounds (V.O.C. Free), therefore, its use is not harmful to the environment or for the health of users, either during or after application.

The specific characteristic of HIDRO PROTECTOR MM is that it penetrates natural stone deep down, guaranteeing strong, lasting protection without compromising the original breathability of the surface, since it does not create any type of film. It also does not alter the original appearance of the material.

HIDRO PROTECTOR MM is a product that combines water-repellent properties with a stain-proofing function in a single solution, especially on glossy surfaces. It also adds a marked resistance to rising damp, responsible for the majority of problems generally found on natural stone: persistent damp marks, formation of rust, yellow damp marks, flaking or detached surfaces (pitting), salt efflorescence and surface aggressions.

HIDRO PROTECTOR MM is also certified for contact with foods and therefore, is a valid solution for protecting kitchen worktops.

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