Granite Sunscreen


This is a great solution to protect stone exposed to direct sunlight. Just like protecting your skin from UV damage, this product blocks UV radiation, inhibiting fading and surface deterioration of natural stone, especially those that have been reinforced with resins, and engineered stone.

Granite Sunscreen is a UV block for exterior granite and engineered stone.

Many of today’s granites and quartzites are injected with polyester resins. These resins are very sensitive to UV light. When exposed to exterior environments the resins can become brittle, will discolor, and can cause the stone do break and fall apart. Dr. Fred developed a sunscreen that when applied to these resin injected stones or to engineered stone, will protect the surface from UV light in similar way that sunscreen protects your skin.

It’s easy to use. Apply directly to the surface with a clean white cloth. For best results, reapply every month.

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