MORE High-Gloss Stone Sealer


Gentle, Water Based Formula – Protection for Natural Stone and Tile Surfaces

  • High gloss shine
  • Excellent stain protection
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Water based
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Homeowners and industry professionals put a lot of time and thought into their design decisions. They also spend a lot of money. So, we created products worthy of that investment. Now you can recommend products that clean, enhance and protect like never before. When it comes to cleaning and protecting the areas where you cook, entertain, play, bathe, and sleep, itโ€™s really a no-brainer. More products are water based and have less impact on indoor air quality. Compared to solvent based products, the more lineup reduces vow emissions by up to 90%. More high gloss stone sealer is our high gloss sealer that highlights the color, texture and unique character of natural stone and concrete surfaces. Provides excellent stain protection.

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