NO OIL Stain Remover on Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine

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NO OIL is a solvent-based stain remover to be used to extract and remove grease stains from all types of surfaces. With its special formulation, the product can offer effective, definitive action on:

  • Stains from food oil and greasy foods
  • Stains from mineral oil, engine oil, diesel and lubricants
  • Greasy stains and bituminous residues

NO OIL is a product that can be applied on all surfaces – even the most delicate types such as polished marbles and acid-sensitive finishes – without attacking them or causing them to lose their shine. The special thick, creamy formula of NO OIL boosts its stain-extracting action, guaranteeing improved efficiency in terms of stain removal. It is also easy to use and effective on vertical surfaces.


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