Porcelain Restoration Kit


The Porcelain Restoration Kit is a system devised to be able to remove light scratches, films, residues and various transfer marks on the surface of polished porcelain, Dekton™, Neolith™ and highly polished porcelain and sintered material surfaces.

This kit can be used as a complete system with all the steps or each step can be used individually, where appropriate, when full restoration is not required. Researched, tested and developed by MB Stone Care’s Professional Division, the Porcelain Restoration Kit can be used on floors, counters and vertical surfaces such as shower walls, waterfall edges, etc. and can be used on polished or matte finish surfaces.


Approximate coverage is 200 – 300 sf per kg

Tool – Makita or other variable speed polisher, set on low speed (1-2 on the dial). Will use light to medium pressure

Pad – White polish pad

Step 1: ABR600

Step 1 can be used on both polished and matte finished surfaces, whether they are flat and smooth or textured. Always keep this product “wet”, do not work wet to dry.

Matte Finish – ABR600 can be used as a scouring cleaner to remove post-construction film, residue and other light debris that will not come off with conventional cleaning methods. When used according to the instructions, ABR600 will not damage the surface of the tile and should leave an even, consistent finish. When used on matte surfaces, the purpose is to thoroughly clean the surface, leaving the intended factory finish, not remove any damage that may have been done to the tile.

Polished Finish – ABR600 can be used for superficial scratches that barely catch the nail, which would be considered a “bad”, or moderate scratch. This is considered a very light honing cream and will leave a slightly dull surface after working the product in. The product will have different levels of effectiveness on different materials, as the hardness of glazed finishes varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Step 2: Porcelain Restoration Cream – Step 2 is the main component of this system and can be used in conjunction with the other products or by itself to remove very light superficial scratches, blemishes, transfer marks, and other films and haziness. Depending on the hardness of the glazed finish being worked on, an additional polishing step may be required. See Step 3. DO NOT USE ON MATTE FINISHES.

Step 3: Starshine Easy – Step 3 is considered the final polishing step, to be used after the Porcelain Restoration Cream, or by itself to remove light blemishes, films, haziness or light transfer marks. It can also be used as a post-restoration cleaning polish where there is no damage.

Kit includes ABR600, Porcelain Restoration Cream, and Starshine Easy.



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