Stone Pro ZOOM Diamond Impregnated Pads (DIP)


Stone Pro ZOOM Pads are designed for cleaning, light restoration and maintenance. Each pad has millions of micro-diamonds infused to the surface. The result is quicker and easier polishing with no need for additional chemicals to get a great result. These diamond floor pad can be used on marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo and polished concrete.

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200 Grit – Heavy duty cleaning. Most aggressive. Removes scratches and stains

400 Grit – Aggressive cleaning / honing. Removes light scratches damage. Leaves a clean matte finish.

800 Grit – Deep cleaning. Removes fine surface scratches. Leaves a smooth slightly reflective finish.

1500 Grit – Cleans and prepares floor for high polish. Brings back the luster on surface. Can be used as a maintenance pad

3000 Grit – Ideal for daily use to maintain a high luster surface. Can be used as a daily maintenance pad.

8000 Grit – For daily cleaning. Removes surface dirt and debris. Will add additional shine when used after abrasives steps.

11,000 Grit – Buff pad for daily cleaning. Maintain high shine. Will add additional shine when used after abrasive steps.

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