Touchstone Liquid Tint For Epoxy


Will Not Affect Curing, Better Color Stability

  • Potent Colors Go A Long Way
  • Will Not Affect Curing Of Urethane And Epoxies
  • 10 Colors For Unlimited Color Matching
  • Low Viscosity Tints
  • Touchstone Colorants

The Touchstone liquid tint colors are designed to be used with Bonstone, Touchstone and other epoxy and urethane adhesives without negatively affecting the curing process. This Low viscosity tints make counting and adding drops to the base adhesive easy and accurate. Unlike paste tints, Touchstone colorants evenly penetrate the base for better color stability. Liquid tints are available for epoxies in the following ten colors: White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown, Red/Brown, Red, Buff, Gray.

Usage Video

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